Wednesday 26 October 2016

Logistic Industry in India

The Logistics industry is currently a brick and mortar industry, with multiple truck operators, logistics companies, end customers and brokers operating in a highly unorganized fashion and has not changed from many years. The industry comprises of a large number of big and small players. The average truck owner possesses 3-4 trucks and operates on specific routes. Intermediaries play a significant role in identifying Truck Operators (TOs) and liaising between them and transportation companies to source the trucks to end customers.

TruckCentral solutions/LOBB is floated by Techno functional experts in transportation domain. The aim of the company is to bring the Truck owners and Logistic Companies together through an e-commerce platform and organize the industry. The co-founder mentioned various complexities in transportation domain in dealing with all the stake holders (namely the trucker, transporter, end customer and broker). The founders’ domain knowledge on transportation is a huge strength of the company. They understand the real issues on the ground and developed the LOBB technology platform which can be easily accessed on the web and smartphones to manage the business. The huge wave of social networking platform like facebook and whatsapp is changing Indian consumers’ way of doing business. For example, bus and flight bookings can be done online with instant confirmation. The transportation industry is little slow in the process, LOBB is gearing up to tap huge market of $220 billion dollars with 85 Laks trucks on Indian roads.

One of the founders, Mr.Jayaram Raju, mentioned, as per market survey, almost 50% of truckers and drivers are using smart phones, and the technology adoption rate is growing at the rate of 50% month on month. Lobb is positioned to take advantage of this technology wave to transform and disrupt the traditional process. Initially LOBB has entered into long haul transportation, namely intercity, and has opened office in 7 cities since last December 2015 which covers a significant portion of Indian GDP.

Once a trucker signs up with LOBB with proper documents, the team would fit a device in their truck and instantly the truck is online and ready for business for sourcing. The LOBB booking engine would help transporter to source the right truck for the requirement. Once deal is closed on sourcing, the truck is live and available to track and trace to all the parties involved (transporter, trucker and end customer). This is the major advantage LOBB is providing apart from business intelligence reports for decision making to improve the process in a systematic and scientific way. We have over 5 MILLION footprints for necessary business analysis.

"let's lobb together" and disrupt the trucking industry that has not seen changes for decades. 

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